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What are Domestic Violence Penalties in Tennessee

Posted on April 5, 2023 in

Domestic violence accusations are devastating. The ramifications of an accusation of violence can infiltrate every part of your life, affecting your living situation, workplace environment, involvement in your children’s lives, and social circles. Accusations of this type often serve to discredit the accused person in divorce and custody cases.

If you are accused of domestic violence, contacting a Mt. Juliet, TN domestic violence attorney is imperative to clear your name and get back to life, removing the shadow of accusations. You may need help navigating the legal system. A fair assessment of your case is critical.

Assault Penalties

In Tennessee, penalties for domestic violence range from a misdemeanor to felony charges. Repeat offenses face harsher sentencing with a court order to pay restitution to the victim for any damages resulting from the crime, including hospital bills, damaged personal property, and counseling services. The conviction will stay on your record forever.

Misdemeanor Domestic Assault

Depending on the conduct, the assault is classified as either a Class A or B misdemeanor. A victim feeling threatened or fearing for their safety, being exposed to offensive actions, and experiencing bodily injury are examples of misdemeanor assaults.

Class A misdemeanor convictions carry penalizations up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a fine of $15,000.

Class B misdemeanor convictions carry a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $500 fine with additional fines of up to $200, depending on the judge’s ruling.

Felony Aggravated Assault

A conviction of aggravated assault is considered a Class C or D felony, depending on the circumstances of the crime. Intentional acts, considered Class C felonies, carry three to 15 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. Reckless behavior, a Class D felony, is punishable by two to 12 years in prison and a $5000 fine if convicted.

Examples of aggravated assault include serious bodily injury causing broken bones or requiring surgery, use of a deadly weapon such as a knife or gun, and strangulation by hands or any object used to prevent breathing.

Harassment and Stalking Penalties

Violating a court restraining order, stalking, and harassment are also considered domestic violence crimes and carry penalties under the law.


Communicating to another person in a threatening or offensive manner is considered harassment. Harassment is classified as either a Class A misdemeanor or a Class E felony, depending on the actions.


Stalking is an action that causes a victim to feel frightened, threatened, or intimidated by continual harassment. Punishment may range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class E felony. Three levels of discipline exist.

First-offense charges are Class A misdemeanors punishable by up to 11 months and 29 days in jail and a fine of up to $2500. A sentence of more than a year is considered a felony. Displaying a deadly weapon, previous stalking convictions, credible threats, breaking a restraining order, or victimizing a minor can be charged as aggravated stalking.

You will be restricted from having any contact with the victim, and the judge will determine bail based on the arrest conditions and potential flight risk. Wearing a location-monitoring device may be required. Domestic violence convictions also prohibit the carrying or owning of a firearm.

Fair Representation Under the Law

The consequences can be severe and permanently life-altering if you have been accused of domestic violence. Everyone deserves fair representation and equal treatment when charged with a crime. Working with The Law Offices of Christopher Eads guarantees an open line of communication with your attorney from the beginning to the end of your case.

You have legal options, and we will gladly discuss the course of action that can provide the best defense. Contacting a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney today can set you on the path to clearing your name and restoring your life.