Case Results

Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Obtained a $775,000.00 settlement for a client who sustained injuries after being rear ended by a dump truck. The case settled without having to file a lawsuit.

Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

We were able to obtain a policy limits settlement for a client that sustained two cracked ribs and a torn rotator cuff after being t-boned by a car that failed to observe a stop sign. The insurance company settled prior to suit being filed as there was evidence of the at-fault driver having an open container of alcohol in the car at the time of impact.

Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

The client was rear-ended while waiting to turn into his neighborhood. The insurance company offered the policy limits as soon as we were able to provide all the medical records and bills to the adjuster for the insurance company.

Settlement: Sexual Harrassment Case

Was sexually harassed by her boss on numerous occasions and did not stop after the conduct was reported to HR. After reporting the harassment, the client’s boss took away job responsibilities and made up a workplace violation that was unlawful retaliatory conduct towards the client.

Settlement: Car Accident Case

Confidential six-figure settlement for a client in a car accident case. Insurance Company pre-suit offer was $0.

Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Obtained policy limits settlement in motor vehicle accident case.

Slip & Fall Accident Case

Obtained complete dismissal of a slip and fall incident via a summary judgment motion in response to a lawsuit seeing $1.5 million in damages.