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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Draft Your Contract

Posted on April 26, 2024 in

Hiring a lawyer isn’t always the cheap option up front. Regarding contracts, you might think a template you find online is adequate and choose to save the money for something else. However, this can cost you way more money later on, making you wish you had secured an experienced Mount Juliet contract law lawyer from the beginning. The Law Offices of Christopher Eads understands the importance of diligence and an intricate understanding of contract law. You may get significantly out of pocket if you have a poorly written contract.

Contracts Can be Complex

It is easy to be lured into a false sense of understanding regarding your legal fluency in contract writing. The Judicial Education Center tells us that the four components of a contract are an offer, consideration, acceptance, and mutuality. While you may feel that you have enough of an understanding of this to protect yourself adequately, an attorney will bring years of education and experience to ensure that the components are not only there but also written well enough to be clear and enforceable.

At times, a business contract can include negotiations back and forth. Typically, the attorney composes the contract to create more favorable terms for their client. When you have an attorney review the contract, they can negotiate for terms that are perhaps more equitable but still fair for both parties.

Helping You Understand Your Tennessee Contract

Understanding the intimate details of your contract may be difficult if you are not well-versed in contract writing. One of the roles your attorney can play is ensuring you clearly understand all parts of your contract. This may include your obligation, what happens if you fail in your obligation, the responsibility of the other party or parties, and how a breach of the contract will be handled.

Ensure Your Contract is Comprehensive

A comprehensive contract covers as many situations as possible and clearly outlines what will happen during a breach. The benefit of an attorney-composed contract is that it can minimize the time and money spent enforcing it. Unclear expectations or loopholes left unclosed can mean months or years in court to reach a determination.

One of the main benefits to an attorney over a fill-in-the-blank contract you find online is that an attorney can ensure that your contract is comprehensive in its coverage and protects your liability. One such thing that may be included in your agreement could be allowances in the contract to account for circumstances beyond your control. They may also ensure that what will happen in the event of a breach is clearly stated in the contract, saving you more time and money in determining where to file a lawsuit and how to argue your case.

Additionally, having an attorney create your contract means you are using someone who should be up to date on the most recent legislation that affects your type of contract, yet another way to ensure the contract is enforceable. This current knowledge may also provide insight into possible loopholes in the contract and make corrections to avoid this. If there is an accusation against you for breach of contract, or the other party has breached, your attorney will be better equipped to support you in your case if they have been involved from the beginning.