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Who Is Liable For a Rideshare Accident?

Posted on December 20, 2023 in

In our modern world, we are becoming more and more reliant on rideshare apps both for livelihood and to get around. In larger cities like Nashville, it is becoming far easier to call upon a driver to get where you need to go than it is to drive your own car. However, this also presents a new problem.

When you are involved in an accident with someone driving on behalf of a rideshare company, who is liable for the damages? Cases like these are more complicated than an average car crash, with a lot at play beyond just who hits who. A reliable and experienced car accident lawyer can help you navigate the often confusing intricacies of liability in motor vehicle and rideshare accidents.

Driver Liability For Rideshare Accidents

Usually, when you are in a truck accident or collision with a commercial vehicle or taxi service, liability is on the employer. Whoever owns the vehicle or is paying the driver will have to cover the damages with their insurance. However, in the case of rideshare businesses, the drivers are not technically employees.

Most rideshare apps work through independent contractors, paying drivers on a job-by-job basis without any other benefits. This means Uber or Lyft may not be liable if someone driving for them hits you. In many cases, rideshare drivers are found liable. You may need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, which they are legally required to carry.

Filing a Claim With the Rideshare Driver’s Insurance

Everyone on the road is required by law to have insurance, and this is something most rideshare services are very serious about. To drive for one of these services, special commercial insurance is required.

You will need to file a claim with their insurance provider, and you should have your damages covered in short order. Commercial driver’s insurance tends to have higher liability coverage than average.

As in any accident, you will need to be fast and make sure the full events are on record. You will want a police report and witness accounts, if possible. You may have to prove fault, which can be difficult without evidence.

Other Parties May Be Liable

Rideshare accidents can be complicated. There could be road hazards, in which case you can usually take legal action against whatever company left them there. There may also be another vehicle involved, which means all of you will need to determine who is at fault and by how much.

Fault is not always determined in absolutes. More than one driver or a third party can share the blame for an accident. Injury victims can also share fault and still receive compensation, but the settlement will be reduced per Tennessee’s modified comparative negligence laws.

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If you feel confused by all the details, a car accident attorney with our firm can answer any questions you have about the Rideshare accident claims processes. Our investigation will reveal who is at fault and whether you should pursue legal action against them.

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