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The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Posted on March 17, 2024 in

Car accidents occur in many ways, and factors like the location of the collision, the force, and even where you are in a car determine the type of accident injuries you have. Other factors, including your health, any objects that strike you, and the way your body reacts, also impact the type of injuries you have. Understanding some of the most common car accident injuries may help you to fully explore the losses you have.

Our Mount Juliet car accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Christopher Eads can help clients with a wide range of injuries to get the best possible outcome. The following are examples of common injuries, but you could experience others.

Neck and Shoulder Injuries

This often includes whiplash. This type of injury occurs because of the incredible force of your body moving back and forth during the impact. This creates intense damage to your neck and back muscles, creating long-term pain.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

If your head strikes any other object, you could be faced with internal brain bleeds or actual injury to the brain itself. Head and brain injuries, including concussions, can create long-term losses for victims, including cognitive impairment.

Broken Bones

Breaking a bone is a complicated recovery process for many people. If you are faced with shattered or crushed bones, the complications are often even more. These types of injuries to your arms, hands, legs, ribs, and other areas can be incredibly painful as well.

Internal Injuries and Bleeding

Often, when your body is slammed into the steering wheel, you may have internal injuries. Some take a long time to actually become evident, which is why it is critical that you seek out care from an emergency room even if you initially feel okay.


There are risks of burns if a vehicle catches on fire, but you may also find some risks associated with chemical burns from toxins. Any type of burn also carries the ongoing risk of infection and deformity it causes to you.

Spinal Cord Damage

Unfortunately, this is a common injury in car accidents because of the impact and the jarring movement of the vehicle back and forth. Spinal cord damage can range widely from nerve damage and discomfort to partial and full paralysis.

Scarring and Disfigurement

There are some situations where the injuries you have will cause long-term obstacles to your health, but your overall appearance matters, too. If you are faced with disfiguring injuries, amputations, lacerations, and scars, you should carefully consider these losses as well.

Wrongful death

There are a large number of victims who may end up losing their lives due to the complications they face in a car accident. Wrongful death occurs when someone else causes that to occur.

Any type of injury you have in a car accident should be taken seriously. Do not put your future on the line but instead empower your ability to get full compensation by working with an attorney committed to guiding and supporting your best outcome.