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Common Causes and Injuries in Premises Liability Cases

Posted on June 10, 2023 in

An injury can happen out of nowhere. One moment you are walking out of a store, and the next, you pick yourself up from a fall you did not see coming caused by a damaged sidewalk. Our instinct is to recover quickly ensuring no one sees us, but our injuries may cause extensive damage that requires medical attention.

Injuries sustained on someone else’s property are subject to premises liability, and the laws regarding this legal liability in Tennessee are complex. Property owners are responsible for securing their premises and assume liability when injuries occur. If you are recovering from an accident and need help determining the responsibility of the property owner, call The Law Offices of Christopher Eads, PLLC, to receive answers to your questions regarding premises liability.

Common Causes of Injuries

It is possible you have experienced a common cause of injuries at some point. Becoming situationally aware allows you to protect your health and seek a course of action when an accident is not your fault.

Slips and Falls

The leading cause of visits to emergency rooms is slips and falls. Over 8 million trips to the ER can be attributed to slips and falls, with two million fall injuries attributed to flooring and flooring materials. Falls are especially detrimental to elderly adults, leading to bone fractures that prevent them from returning home, resulting in nursing home admissions.

Slips and falls are often the result of the following situations.

  • Worn carpet
  • Poorly constructed staircases
  • Wet surfaces
  • Loose mats

In addition to fractured and broken bones, slips and falls can lead to sprains, traumatic head injuries, and spinal issues. Some injuries can be catastrophic, requiring ongoing treatment.

Dog or Animal Bites

It is an owner’s responsibility to ensure their pet will not injure visitors or people passing by their property. Dog bites are responsible for $400 million in medical treatment costs annually and are seen as a significant public health issue. Bites can be disfiguring, with younger victims at risk of fatal wounds.

Injuries were most typical to the following areas of the body.

  • Hand
  • Face
  • Lower Arm
  • Lower Leg
  • Mouth

Speak with a Mount Juliet attorney to discuss the one-bite rule in Tennessee law.

Accidental Drowning

Pool owners that do not safely secure their pools with fencing, pool covers, or other security measures may be held responsible for drowning accidents. An individual can sustain additional injuries from a pool incident that can impact their health for life. Nonfatal drowning injuries can cause brain damage and permanent disability.


A lack of security measures, such as improper lighting or doors that remain unlocked and open without access keys, can lead to increased incidents of assault. An assault can be physically and emotionally damaging. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek legal help from a Mount Juliet injury attorney if you are the victim of an assault, battery, or rape.


Recent statistics indicate that someone is burned in a fire every 23 minutes. Unattended bonfires and wood stoves are apparent reasons for burns. But improperly maintained tanning beds and rules applying to their use can lead to severe injuries.

Burns can cause permanent disfigurement, bone and joint issues, scarring, breathing issues with the inhalation of smoke, and severe bacterial infections.

Mount Juliet Premises Liability Attorney

Unexpected injuries can be physically and financially devastating, making it difficult to focus on recovery. Medical debt is a significant factor in stress, and you deserve representation that fights for the compensation you deserve in a premises liability case. Unless exceptions apply, you have one year to file a claim in Tennessee.

Talk with us immediately, and let us take up your legal fight so that you can get back to life.