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What Happens After a Car Accident with No Insurance?

Posted on September 3, 2022 in

Insurance is mandatory in most states, and driving without one is illegal. So, if you are involved in a car accident with no insurance, it could lead to serious penalties, such as fines, license suspension, car registration, etc. It could also lead to jail time in some cases.

If you are responsible for an accident and don’t have any insurance, then you will have to pay for all the damages. You can face lawsuits from different people for their damages or injuries. Even if you get Insurance a day after your accident, it would be applicable to a future accident.

You can receive compensation for your injuries and damages from the driver who’s at fault for the collision. However, the state laws may restrict the types of expenses you can claim compensation for if you don’t have any insurance.

Is Car Insurance Mandatory?

Most states require drivers to have car insurance to take financial responsibility if they are at fault for the accident. Not carrying car insurance means you would have to pay to heavy fines, deal with suspensions, and even face jail time, depending on the state.

Alaska and New Hampshire are the only exceptions that don’t require you to get car insurance. New Hampshire doesn’t make it necessary for residents to have vehicle coverage as long as their driving record is clear.

The Tennessee state government makes it mandatory to have Insurance for their cars, and they need proof of it at all times. Their Insurance should meet the essential requirement of $25,000 bodily injury liability coverage and $15,000 for property damage per accident.

What Happens If you’re Involved in an Accident without Insurance?

There are two possible scenarios if you get involved in an accident without Insurance. The first is if you are responsible for causing the accident, and the second is if the other party is responsible for the accident.

If You Are Responsible for the Accident

In most states, your insurance provider will pay for the damages and injuries of the victims. However, the victims can bring a lawsuit against you if there is no insurance coverage. The rules and regulations regarding the car accident claim will vary from state to state.

If Someone Else is Responsible for the Accident

If you are in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you are eligible for compensation for your injuries and damages. However, there would be a specific limit on the items you can claim compensation for after your accident. These limitations would differ from state to state.

What Are The Penalties You Can Face If You Don’t Have Insurance?

Driving without Insurance can lead to a lot of financial trouble since you can face various consequences. Even if you don’t cause any accidents but get caught driving without auto insurance, you would be subject to penalties. The fines and charges can vary from state to state.

The Consumer Federation of America’s list shows that the first offense of driving without Insurance in Tennessee can lead to fines and suspensions. Therefore, it is better to get auto insurance before you get caught.

Getting Compensation for Your Car Accident Claim

If you are in a car accident claim with no insurance coverage, you can hire an attorney to help you mount a defense. They can help you through all of the fine details of your case.