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Mount Juliet Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal record can have a major impact on your life. In Tennessee, a conviction can result in severe penalties, including fines and prison time. You could also face difficulties finding employment, obtaining housing, or maintaining relationships.

If you are facing criminal charges in Tennessee, you need a Mount Juliet criminal defense attorney on your side. The Law Offices of Christopher Eads, PLLC can represent your rights and fight for your best possible outcome, advocating aggressively for your side of the story.

Why Choose Us

  • Our firm is structured so that you work directly with the lawyer you hire. You will have a direct line of communication with your attorney from start to finish.
  • We understand how difficult the criminal justice process can be. Our attorney will guide you through each step of the process and help you prepare for each stage.
  • Our attorney has received multiple awards and recognitions, including the Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch designations for 2021 and 2022.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle in Tennessee

At The Law Offices of Christopher Eads, PLLC, we represent clients in a wide range of criminal cases. Some of the charges we handle include the following.

  • Driving under the influence: A driving under the influence (DUI) charge is very common in the Tennessee justice system. A DUI can happen to anyone, and a conviction can be very serious. Our firm takes an aggressive approach to defending clients in DUI cases.
  • Drug crimes: Our firm represents clients who are facing a wide range of drug crime charges, including possession, trafficking, possession with intent to sell, and possession of paraphernalia.
  • Theft: There are many different types of theft crimes in Tennessee. Our firm represents multiple types of theft charges, including grand larceny, petty theft, and white-collar embezzlement charges.
  • Domestic violence: A domestic violence charge can severely impact your life and relationships. If you are facing domestic violence charges, our firm will fight to represent your side of the story.

Why You Need a Mount Juliet Criminal Defense Attorney

The moments after an arrest can feel very overwhelming. You may worry about the outcome of your case, how a conviction could impact your life and reputation, and what you should do next. In these situations, you need a criminal defense lawyer who can advocate for your rights and fight for your best possible outcome.

A Mount Juliet criminal defense attorney can provide valuable benefits to your case, including the following.

  • Navigating the criminal justice system can be very complex. Your lawyer will have experience representing defendants and can guide you through each stage.
  • Your lawyer will have significant knowledge of criminal law. He will be able to provide you with valuable advice during the process and can help you identify the optimal path to reach your best possible outcome.
  • During your case, you may need to negotiate with the prosecutor assigned to your case. If it is in your best interest, your lawyer can arrange for reduced charges and lesser sentences to help alleviate the severity of a conviction.
  • Your lawyer will be able to conduct a full investigation into your case and leverage resources to support your case, such as expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf.

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