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Trucking Accidents

Our firm goes up against the trucking companies and fights for the maximum settlement for our clients. If you have been injured by a truck — or if your loved one was killed — let us help you recover damages for all your:

  • medical bills,
  • property damage,
  • lost wages,
  • loss of future earning,
  • pain and suffering, and/or
  • wrongful deathdamages, such as loss of support

You may also be eligible to collect additional sums under Tennessee’s punitive damages laws if the trucking company behaved recklessly.

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How can a Tennessee truck accident lawyer help?

Truck drivers are subject to heightened rules and regulations that drivers of non-commercial vehicles are not subject to. The companies that own trucks are responsible for ensuring that truck drivers are qualified and that these large and potentially dangerous vehicles are properly serviced and maintained.

If you are involved in an accident involving a large truck, you may be unaware of any potential violations the driver of the truck might have committed. We have extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the operation of a large truck in Tennessee. And we can help ensure that any potential violations will be investigated and explored.

Additionally, we can sort through the complicated corporate structures trucking companies often use to shield themselves from liability. We understand both the Tennessee and federal laws that apply to truck companies.

Though truck accidents may not be as common as typical automobile accidents, but the statistics show that they do happen with regularity and carry significant potential to cause bodily injury and even death. These trucking and insurance companies will often attempt to settle your case for less than you deserve. But we will not let that happen.

Can I sue for my trucking accident in Tennessee without an attorney?

Good personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience to go after every penny available for their clients. But when victims do not hire an attorney, the defendants’ insurance defense attorneys will not hesitate to take advantage of the victims’ vulnerable state and ignorance of the law to bilk them out of what should be rightfully theirs.

Furthermore, bringing a lawsuit is very difficult and intimidating for the average person. This is especially so if that person is suffering from devastating truck collision injuries. By retaining personal injury attorneys, victims can rest assured that they have a legal team handling the entire matter while they focus on healing from the trauma of the accident.

In short, trying to settle a trucking lawsuit alone will likely result in the victim getting far less than what he or she is owed.

Not only will we ensure that our clients receive the largest settlement available. But also we will take care of all the legal red tape, phone calls, emails, court filings, and negotiations involved in litigating a lawsuit and settling a claim. That gives our clients peace of mind, which is priceless.

Why should I hire a Tennessee truck accident attorney?

Trucking companies always try to shift the blame onto the victims, but we fight back tirelessly against these behemoths. While our clients concentrate on healing, we are:

  • investigating every aspect of the case,
  • compiling evidence of the trucking company’s liability,
  • consulting experts,
  • holding depositions, and
  • negotiating aggressively for the best possible resolution

Simply hiring a personal injury attorney is often enough to get insurance defense firms to come to the table. And we do everything to show these firms that they will lose if we go to trial and that they are better off offering a large settlement.

But if the trucking companies refuse to play ball, we are ready to take the matter to trial and demonstrate to the jury that you are entitled to all the financial compensation the law allows.

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